Monday, December 13, 2010

Alabama Newborn Photography

This newborn, Addie Grace is too cute for words ...
so I'll just let you enjoy the images!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alabama Wedding Photography

More from this sweet wedding!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alabama Engagement Photography

Look at this sweet engagement session I shot a few weeks ago! I was so pleased with how this turned out, I just couldn't wait to post them.
Congrats again, Clark and Karen!

We will have wedding images to smile about in April, so keep coming back!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alabama Wedding Photography

This is a little sneak peak of a recent wedding at Chateau Toots. It was one of the hottest weddings I think I have ever shot but the bright sun, glowing water, and two people in love... couldn't have made a more perfect day! Everyone was so much fun and a pleasure to work with.

I hope you love this sneak peak Ashley!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birmingham Newborn Photography

I just couldn't help myself...I had to post a quick sneak peak from today's newborn session! Adorable.

Birmingham Newborn Photography

This little guy is Mason! Christy his mom is a sweet friend from high school and I was so excited when she called me about doing Mason's newborn session. He is a doll and do did so good!
I can't wait to photograph this precious family again.
Thanks Christy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birmingham Family Photography

I have been absent from blogging, but I have not been absent from blogging material! the Black family.

Kelly and I tried and tried for weeks to figure out a good date for the both of us for their session and once we finally found a date that worked we grabbed it! The main theme of the shoot was originally for Madalyn's birthday pictures, but we soon began the quest for "one", yes at least one great family photo! So Kelly you may totally hate me for this first photograph but it was too funny not to post. The faces explain it all!!

Thanks so much for much letting me spend the afternoon with you and your precious family.

Birmingham Photography

Where have I been you ask?? Busy, I reply!
Sorry for the non-existent blog posts and images but these last few months have just been blissfully slammed with new clients, new babies, old clients, and old friends.

And speaking of old friends...I have a doozie of a photo shoot to share. And the old friends I was talking about, well they were the subject. When Carmen called and started talking about a trade I was so excited. You see, she is a photographer awesome photographer. So I was not only super excited about shooting her, the hubs, and their child-dog Heidi but Cory and I get our very photo shoot with her as well, which I think is the best part! Carmen and I met years ago at our first job out of college...and as embarrassing as it may be I will admit that it was Portrait Innovations! We all have to start somewhere, you know. Carmen and I were instant friends and kid about being the same the person. There are too many similarities to mention but trust me we are soul-mates!

Carmen, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your family! It means the world to me. I hope you love these are much as I loved spending the afternoon with you and Kent!

Please go visit Carmen's blog and website, but make sure you have some time on your hands...the loveliness is hard to pull away from!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birmingham Children Photography

I decided to give you all a little sneak peak from the mini sessions this past weekend! And to avoid jealousy from all the paying customers, I will just post some photos of the non-paying ones (my nieces)!!

Don't these little beauties just about beat all you've ever seen? Stick around for more sweet babies (and there families) in days to come, and if you are regretting not getting in on my super awesome Mini-Session deal, don't worry there will always be next year... and if that's too far away for you, well then you can always book a regular session!
I hope I see you and your little beauties soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alabama Wedding Photography

Who's in the mood for a little wedding photography? Yes please!

Introducing Jeremy and Lauren Bolle! The venue here ... perfect, the weather ... hot and steamy, and the bride and groom ... so in love.
Lauren and Jeremy were so laid back and too much fun to spend the day with! All the small details Lauren brought out made the day so special, and there sunset ceremony was breathtaking.

I have a ton more images to post later, so come back soon!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ella-via's Birthday

Ok, well I love parties! And this was a pretty great one. My niece Ella turned 4 this year and her mom did a pretty fantastic job on this little beauties big day! And of course what kind of "favorite aunt" would I be if I didn't take just a few shots of the throw-down.

Enjoy. And remember if you are having a birthday bash for your little bitty and are worried about documenting it...don't be! I am available for events. Get it booked today.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birmingham Children Photography

This sweet girl is family, well sort of. This is Isabella, Ella's cousin.
Their Nana (Tammy) emailed me months ago about doing a session with all three girls outside at my parents house. So we started planning, and Nana bought lots of new clothes, shoes, and hair bows but every time we set a date it would rain...or someone was sick...or there was a very important game on...something always came up!
But alas we finally picked a day that was perfect and got all of these sweet girls together for one hot, and mean literally hot like temperature wise, photo session. Isabella was the star of this shoot, however; so I'm going to post a few of her all by herself for you to drool over for few days and then I'll post more from the whole day.


Birmingham Newborn Photography

I had post to post just two more from Marley James newborn shoot!
These might be my absolute favorites!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birmingham Newborn Photography

This little-bitty girl was quite the crier, that is until after about an hour of myself and her mother trying to make her happy, her daddy came in swept her up in his arms...and she stopped. And I mean, stopped immediately and never made another sound. Most of the images we got were from the last thirty minutes after her sweet daddy held her! What a beautiful site.
Marley James is just beautiful and I had a wonderful afternoon in her pale green nursery, surrounded by sweet pink accents and a sparkling crystal chandelier overhead. What a perfect place for this little beauty to lay her head.

I hope you will enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birmingham Maternity Photography

I must tell you that I was so excited when Lisa contacted me about doing a maternity series for the last four months of her pregnancy. And then after meeting Lisa for our first session, we realized we had been grade school classmates! Small world isn't it.
I love, love, love maternity sessions and I couldn't wait to get started on these and share them with the world. Lisa was a fabulous sport in the scorching September heat late last Friday afternoon and she was a breeze to photograph.
Five month pregnant ladies are a bit slower and don't tend to run from me like the usual youngsters I have to chase around, so it was definitely a nice change of pace!
I am so looking forward to our next meeting, thank you Lisa for the honor of documenting your first baby bump.

Enjoy a few images from Month 5.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birmingham Wedding Photography

Remember this beautiful bride from my post last week?
Cory (my hubby) drove me all the way to Hartselle for this sweet wedding.And it did not disappoint! We spent all day on a fabulous Golf Course, with the sweetest people, lots of hot summer sun, and little butterfly that just would not leave my camera alone!