Friday, December 23, 2011

Huntsville Wedding Photography- Jackie & Courtney Part III

Couple photos of our sweet newlyweds Courtney and Jackie!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Huntsville Wedding Photography- Jackie & Courtney Part II

Enjoy Part II of Courtney and Jackie's backyard wedding with a few (or a lot) details!

That vintage truck made my day! I'm a sucker for blue vintage trucks!

Courtney individually packaged tulip bulbs for her guests to take home. To reiterate her talent...she made this wreath below herself! Yep that's right, more handmade goodness.

Ah, soup! A girl after my own heart.

Keep stopping by, this vintage inspired fall wedding has more to give! There will be a part III and perhaps a part IV.


Huntsville Wedding Photography- Jackie & Courtney

So....I've been busy! And it was recently brought to my attention that I need to blog...ASAP. (Carmen Michael!!) Thank you, I needed a push!

This is Courtney and Jackie's handmade backyard wedding reception!
And it was gorgeous. Courtney is a coworker at our Huntsville office, I was super excited when she asked me to photograph their home wedding in October.
Courtney is so talented and creative I knew this would be the wedding of my career! And it was. I love so many images that there will be several blog posts dedicated to Courtney and Jackie! So grab a latte and get cozy.

I could have spent all day just swooning over the details, and I did!

Courtney's mom made her dress! Amazing, no?

And the best thing about photographing an artist is that they let you do whatever you want!
Ah, the creative trust was to die for.