Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to K, happy birthday to me! Sunday was my 24th birthday...I know I'm an old lady now. And this is how I spent it!

With Ella and the rest of the fam at the pool. I was busy with freelance work the rest of the weekend but Sunday we took the evening to celebrate with swimming, eating, and watching our wedding video that came this week.
What a birthday. Hope yours is as blessed as mine was!

Ps. I did in fact steal this images from my sisters page!! I was too tired to take any of my own! I'll post soon with the birthday gifts photos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tomorrow's Shoot

I still have several times open for tomorrow's special price shoot! If you are interested let me know. I'll be up awhile call my cell phone at 205.601.9539

I did a session for my sweet friend Michelle on Wednesday night because she wasn't available tomorrow. This was my favorite of Madeline!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A sad day.

Today is not so great a day, or rather just a sad one for our family.
My sister-in-law (Cory's sister Tiffany) lost her fiance yesterday in a fatal car accident.
We loved him, and he loved her and her children. And that's all that mattered.
Pray for him and his family. For Tiffany. And for us.
My heart is broken for her.
God has a plan for us all. Not one of us are promised tomorrow.
Love on your husband and children tonight, and never forget how short our time here can be.
I pray for peace in Tiffany's heart and clarity in her soul. Will you join me!

This is a photograph from Christmas of Tiffany, Heath, Skylar, and Brayden.

Friday, June 19, 2009


That's what time it is right now. 4:38....oh wait 4:39 and I am still here, still working, at the office. Not yet on my to the beach.
Which has been calling my name for days now and patiently awaiting my arrival.

Usually I get off (the day job) at 12 on Fridays...that is if I don't have a shoot and today I had a doosey! 11 recipes to photograph. um, yes so I'm still here.
But work is good, I am just so ready to be at the beach now. We are going for a quick weekend stay with my aunt who is already down there.
FREE TRIP, yes please.

Oh but we really aren't leaving until about 10 PM!
Cory has another softball game tonight that he can't miss. So we will be driving in the wee hours of the morning, say a little pray when you go to bed would you! Thanks.

Also I was hoping to photograph and post about my lovely little bathroom today, but since I have yet to make it home, that won't be happening this week.
Maybe next week.
But don't hold your breath. I am booked 5 days next week too.
Thank you Lord for my job, it is good! Everyday, it is good.

Have a happy weekend, and don't forget to love on your fathers on Sunday, they deserve it!


I am fascinated with this photographers work. She's amazing. And so is her work. I'm in love with these...

Photographs by Zena Holloway

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These weekly occurrences...

are now becoming more and more often in my life. SOFTBALL GAMES. Cory is playing on team across the river in Childersburg with some old ball friends from high school. And he loves it. They love it. I think that they are re-living those glory days at state playoffs! They lost last night, and it was a rough evening to say the least. You would have though it really was the state championships! But they survived and will get right back and play again Friday night...delaying our departure for the beach by about 5 hours! Thanks! But its worth it for Cory to be playing. Its such an important part of his past, and he needs it to there in the future too, so I'm being a good sport! I took my camera along this time and got some great shots.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a start...

...to the weekend!

This is what I woke up to this morning! Lovely right?
I figured since my sister had already posted it, and since I have gotten like four calls already asking about my sweet little car I should post the photos so you could be calm. Its just the tail light but really?And so much for photo shoots today too, since the rain is determined to keep it up all day. I have had to reschedule for the 27th of June. If you are interested comment or email and I'll work in a few more time slots!!

I hope your weekend has started off better than mine!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I woke up to these beauties this morning. What a way to start the weekend!
Hope you enjoy yours.
Happy Friday.

To the rescue...

Wednesday night on my way from work my mother calls. She is ready to leave for the beach a day early, my dad "can't" miss church, and my sister is having melt down while being stuck at work...but who will get Ella?
K and Cory are at the top of the list, and to the rescue.
I stop and get the little bundle and we head home to surprise Cory (who hasn't had the best day at work either) , he was quite surprised but happy none the less.
We cooked dinner, while Ella danced to Dave Matthews in the kitchen.
The girl can get down.
Ella wanted to play "MOM" and so Cory was the baby.
She asked him to tell her what he wanted for dinner, as she checked the pantry and wrote down his order!
I grabbed my camera and got these!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A blog I read posted today about listing 7 things you love. It was a lovely list and made me instantly think about the things I love.
So here is my list, I could no get it down to 7!
What's your?

3.a milk glass vase with fresh flowers
4.the smell after it rains
5.sunday afternoon naps with my husband
6.the feeling of swimming underwater, it's like its a whole other world and I want to take my camera along for the ride
8.coming up from the valleys
9.wedding vows
10.christmas music

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Special

Gather around for this important information:

On June 13th 2009 there will be photography sessions available with ME at a special price (to great to post).
I have limited space still available.
If you are interested and live in the Birmingham, AL area please contact me at
klhphotography@gmail.com asap or leave me a comment!

Times are going fast!

Sweet Madeline during our last photo session together
(her mother has already booked time for next week)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a day.

I love flowers in case you weren't sure. These are from my shot today. It was quite a day I'll say that. My friend Malinda is the stylist for Taste of the South one of our publications but she is in Italy for two weeks. Lucky girl. At some point I (sort of ) volunteered to style this shoot that was booked and had to be shot this week. I'm still not sure what I was thinking. And after today I have a much more heightened appreciation not only for Malinda and all other stylist but for my job behind the lens as well. The good news is that I got to spend the day at home, still working but at home is always better. Wow, I was stressed and I am glad today is finished. Look for the story in the October November issue of Taste of the South.
Let me know how the styling looks!