Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ella's New Doll

Last night when I went to take my sister (Kristin's) week 28 baby bump photos I had Ella a surprise! She was so excited by the time I got there she was jumping around like crazy. After unloading my equipment and setting up for our session I ran back out to the car to grab the surprise. Ella screamed with joy at the sight of this too cute, handmade ballerina doll a co-worker gave me especially for her. She loved it so much she continued to run around in circles yelling "its a ballerina dolly, Mom, Dad look ...its a ballerina".
She named her Dolly. Precious right??

So yes now its official (as if it weren't before) that I am the favorite, best aunt there ever was or ever will be!

Thanks so much Tracy.

Go HERE to see more of Tracy's dolls and other goodies.

Week 28 Outtakes

These are pretty good ones I think! (Kristin don't kill me)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend getway

I am writing this post a week late, but I have just now had a chance to download the images I took. Cory and I took a quick weekend getaway last weekend to Gatlinburg Tennessee! My aunt owns a time share at the West-gate right outside of Gatlinburg, and she so lovingly let us use it for the weekend.

We left late Thursday night after Cory's class and arrived there at 4am on Friday! A long drive you might say! We ended up sleeping most of the day away but after we got up and going we ate a pretty fabulous lunch at a local place and then spent the afternoon at the Aquarium downtown. We both love the water and are always fascinated by it and its inhabitants!

Saturday we slept late again (it is vacation) and spent the day shopping and eating more! I didn't take as many photos as I usually would because now we have our handy FLIP video recorder. Maybe I'll post a video someday!
We had a fabulous time, it was a super relaxing weekend just the two of us doing exactly what we wanted.

These last few images are my favorite. But I can't take complete artistic credit for them! My colleague and friend Kimberly gave me the idea. You can go here to see her images.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 27 Outtakes

I know that my blogging lately has been less than stellar, I promise I will try and step it up a notch really soon. I have had some down time on the freelance photography end of things the last few months, but after February I will be slammed and there will a plethora of photos to share! So keep coming back...I promise this is not a Baby Bump Outtakes BLOG only!!
But those are pretty fun to look at.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 26 Outtakes

Ok friends...this might be the best baby bump outtake set we have had yet.
Its a bit strange I'll admitt...but hysterical none the less!

Remember to go here for the real idea!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Bump

This weeks outtakes are pretty great, so come back soon for those.
But I loved this image so much that I had to go ahead and post it (even before Kristin...shhh).
I can't wait for Sophie to get here and once she does I'll have lots and lots and lots of newborn photos for you! I haven't had a tiny baby to play with in a long time and newborn sessions are my favorites. I have been thinking up and dreaming of ideas since week 1.

And don't forget to go HERE to see the real idea of the baby bump series!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Autumn and Kyle's Engagement Session

These are just more from this sweet engagement session I posted several weeks ago! Go here to see the original post and Enjoy the new photos.

Be watching for this pretty couples wedding photos coming in June!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas..Round One

Ok, scratch that. This is no round one of my Christmas posts...but the only round of Christmas posts I have. Why you ask?! Because I got this for Christmas...

...so my sweet little camera was off duty for awhile. Plus when I am on vacation from work, I mean to be on vacation from work.

I do have some photos, though! You know I can't not take any photos!

This is our Christmas tree

This is the closest thing to a photo of Cory and I together that I got. Thanks Pottery Barn!

Here are the guys playing "Washers" at mom and dad's on Christmas day!

Can you see how serious this game is...

And these two photos are of the gifts our oh so sweet Grandmom gave us all! =)

And this is my family!

I hope your Christmas was as lovely and hysterical as mine!

Front Door Favorites

If you haven't figured it out yet...I love my front door. What a simple place to take Christmas pictures of sweet little people in your life.
These two are my niece and nephew on Cory's side. We had quite a session with them several days before Christmas.

These however are my last session with the door. Sad I know.
But keep coming back I hope to have new sessions up soon!

Week 25 Outtakes