Thursday, February 26, 2009


this is going on at home, while I am here at work...shooting away for Sandra Lee. I'm glad that I am here and not there. Josh(also known as Sweet Daddy over at my sister's blog or brother-in-law to me) and my dad are pouring and stamping this for the wedding.

It's my aisle!! Well... it will be after today. I'll post the finished project tomorrow, that is if they finish it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am getting married in 46 days...

and yes I am keeping count. That also comes out to 6 weeks Saturday. We are officially in overdrive mode.
Here are images of the last wedding things in progress.


The stack of invitations that have already been addressed! Thank goodness.

These are the sacks for the peanuts on Cory's vintage Truck. I think I have about , oh I'd say maybe 200 to go!

Ella's dress , my mom made. Skylar and Molly's are similar but different.

The blue ribbons on Molly's dress.

The little girls are carrying these little bird houses down the isle!!

Cory's attire!

Possibly mine!!

My (i think) great grandmothers vintage bracelet. Kristin wore it in her wedding too!

So just in case you were wondering about the happenings in the Hoyle house. Here you go. There is lots going on.

And lots more to do.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What? ...I have a blog?

Hi family and friends. I know its been somewhere close to two weeks since my last post but let me just say, it will probably only get worse the closer to April the 11th we get. So bare with me ok. I do remember I have blog somewhere that needs to be updated!
So here is your quick update...sorry no fabulous pictures to share. Maybe next week! We are now 8 weeks from W day (wedding day) and counting. Its getting a bit stressful but we are working on it. I am more stressed about our new house being done for the rehearsal dinner than the wedding its self. But I must say I am sure my father feels differently!! =)
I have lots left to do. And my plan is to work in the yard this weekend so keep your fingers crossed for sunny, warm weather for me ok!!
Marcy, my friend from work just gave us a lawnmower that her brother was trying to get rid of so we have that now. Which of course I will be having nothing to do with!! Thats part of Cory's territory! (this is coming straight from him mouth by the way) So that was a pretty exciting little surprise this week.
I had the second of many showers this weekend. This one was a Tupperware shower! and let me just say I now have more Tupperware than I will ever know what to do with! But I'm pumped about it.

Thanks to all of you who were there to support Cory and I. We love you!
The next shower is the BIG one! My Bridal Shower at FBC. I can't wait for this one! But it isn't until March, so I will "have" to wait!
We have been stamping W on tiny brown lunch sacs for the peanuts, which is taking me forever! And mom has been stuffing the invitations! Kristin is working on the Lingerie and Bachelorette parties and we are in the mists of designing and refining the ceremony programs...which are going to be wonderful! I can't wait to post an image for you! Stay tuned in for that one!

I got the wedding veil in last week, it looks stupid. Great! So I am ordering more Russian Netting and we are going to "recreate" it! I'll let you know how that works out!
I am still looking for a coat or sweater or something for the reception...I am afraid its going to still be cool at night! So keep you eyes open! If you happen across a J. Mendel for under $100 buy it! (haha, yeah right don't get your hopes up K).

Well I believe that is all I can I possibly update you on at this juncture. Hope your Monday is slower than mine will be!

ps. oh and Cory was a precious sweet soon to be and bought me beautiful flowers and a fabulous dinner for Valentines. We were going to Cheesecake Factory! Ha. it was ridiculous! So we ended up going to the Maccoroni Grill. And then spent the rest of the evening together at home in our new house! It was a sweet Valentine's Weekend! Hope yours was as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

if it's going to be this cold

...then it should be snowing! So I decided to post these pictures from last years only snow of the season hoping the Weather Gods would see them and either take mercy on us and let it snow for few days (keeping us stranded at home)...or warm things up already!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Etsy Purchase!!

Look what I just bought!

Its for Cory for Valentine's day!! Shh don't tell him, good thing he doesn't read my blog uhh? Its a photo album, just with blank pages so you can create more of a scrap book feel rather than those normal photo albums where you have the sleeves for the pictures, that limits your choices so much and I don't like to be limited!!

I bought it here from Susie!! She does these all herself. Hand makes them custom! I told her last night what I wanted and here it is ready for shipping today!

Go visit her site I plan on making many more purchases from her very soon!