Friday, May 28, 2010

Alabama Wedding Photography

I just couldn't resist! Patience is not one of my strong qualities.

Only a week into editing our most recent wedding and here I am posting not just a few images...but lots of images. I have known Val, well forever really, so when she called me about shooting her wedding I was without a doubt ecstatic!
May 22 was the date and American Village in Montevallo, Alabama was the gorgeous location.
Ro, Val's groom was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen and he is without a doubt head over heels, ridiculously, and beautifully in love with his precious bride. And you can see it all over his face!

Their wedding was so much fun to shoot and I can tell its going to be just as fun to edit!
Come back soon for more images from Ro and Val's wedding as well as more newborns, weddings, and kiddos!

Congratulations Val and Ro!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Family

...this family is special. Mari (the mother) is my claim to to speak. She was my elementary school art teacher and the inspiration for my passion and life. Wow. Pretty special I'd say.

Mari is a fabulous art teacher, artist, and most obviously mother. I remember waiting and waiting for that one day a week that we got to go art class at VES, oh I longed for that day every week. One of the very first things I remember her teaching us was how to draw a face, and that the eyes actually go closer to the very center of the face rather than the top! And then a few afternoons a week she taught an after school art class which my sister and I both never missed. Mom would take me to the thrift store for old National Geographic magazines and I would flip through the pages over and over again looking for just the right photograph to recreate as a painting.

I loved art from the very begin of my childhood and Mari was part of that. And now its my life. So when Mari emailed me about a photo-shoot with her family, I was thrilled. I so loved the natural setting and complete creative freedom she gave me. These few images are my favorites so far!

Thank you Mari, for your inspiration to my life and for the opportunity to see your beautiful family through my lenses.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My sister

I decide since I'm on a sister kick this week and since I have been editing like a mad person, I would dedicate another post to my dear sweet sister.
However, this one is more about her and less about the girls!! Sorry I hope you all aren't too disappointed...she's really fun just like them too. =)

I love my sister dearly and pretty much do whatever she asks (most of the time!) but this little photo shoot was actually my idea! I was headed over to do "something" the afternoon before Sophie's arrival, and the light was too perfect to past up. Not to mention that we realized, we had spent so much time on baby bump sessions that we never actually had a "real" maternity session!
So I grabbed my camera, which is always at arms length and we had fun little afternoon in the sun.

I love, love, love the way they turned out. These could be my favorite images yet! I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


These are not my children, however I would claim them and love them as if they were.
They are my nieces, my sisters babies.

We were so super excited to hear the good news that Kristin was pregnant for the second time last September. And for me, it meant lots of opportunity to play with newborn photo ideas. When Ella was born I was still in school, had no equipment, and was still shooting film so needless to say her newborn photos are less then stellar.

But with Sophie we were prepared and ready. Between Kristin and I both the ideas just kept coming. And so here we are a month into Sophie's life and we have had at least three full sessions already.

Due to some medical issues I have been out of commission for a few weeks but feeling better this weekend lead to major editing. Since Kris never has to pay (a perk for having a photographer sister) she does however always have to wait on her images. I usually edit the paying customers first which I am sure you are all thankful for this.

But I got so caught up this weekend that I had time to edit sweet Sophie's newborn sessions and much to your joy here are a few to drool over!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey friends. I have had some email issues the last few weeks. So if you have emailed me about a session and have not gotten any response back, please email me again or leave a comment on this post!

I always respond to emails, sorry for the miscommunication!!

Engagement Session

Long time no post?!
Yeah its been a little busy around here lately but I loved how this engagement session turned out and I just couldn't wait any longer to post a few of my favorites.
We had a blast running around town shooting and it got me super excited for the wedding that is just around the corner in Opelika next month.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I couldn't resist posting a few images from one of the mini-sessions from a few weeks ago! Madi Claire was perfect. And I love how the images turned out.
Enjoy...and keep coming back for more!