Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maggie Kate : Birmingham, AL Newborn Photography

Maggie Kate was such a trooper, maybe one of the best newborns I've ever shot! She never cried...not once. Perfect! 

I love this family and you will probably recognize her big brothers from previous posts. Maggie Kate's aunt is one of my very best friends and my college roommate! 

She is just as lovely as the rest of her family, so enjoy miss MK and all her pink! 

Griffin : Birmingham, AL Childrens Photography

Ok friends, this smile is going to get you.
Isn't he so gorgeous? 
And with parent's like these he never stood of chance of being anything but! 
 I'm sure he will be a heart breaker!!

I just can't get enough of these images, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. 

The Carle's at the Patch : Birmingham, AL Family Portrait Photography

This cute family and I have known each other for some time now, and its always fun when we meet up for a photo shoot! 
These boys are all boy, and them make me work for the photos and boy are they silly. 

Enjoy our adventure at the Pumpkin Patch a weeks ago!