Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birmingham Engagement Photography- Alex & Jenny

Ok, Jenny my is your little sneak peak! I couldn't resist, look at all that fall color!
I'll post more soon this was just too much to keep to myself.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birmingham Senior Portraits- Kassidy Rae

I am on a posting frenzy this week! And you are going to love this post so get ready its a long one.

Let me introduce Kassidy Rae, my cousin. She is the seventh born grandchild! =) Christmas is crazy at our house, especially since there are about 6 more after her too.

I think Kassidy and I are kindred spirits and let me tell you why. Kassidy is everything I wish I had been in High School and at her age!!
Awesome #1, sassy, speaks her mind with no hesitation, strong, and comfortable in her own skin. And she twirls FIRE! (for real, she Football games in front of our whole hometown) I love it.

And I think these images totally capture her personality. Isn't she beautiful! This was our first session of portraits to celebrate her senior year of High School, and we have plans for more!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Huntsville Wedding Photography- Jackie & Courtney

This is a very small sneak peak from this gorgeous DYI wedding in Huntsville last month. I die at the amazing-ness that Courtney created for her wedding day celebration.

Enjoy these delicious images from Courtney's bridal session and be sure to come back by to see more from her and Jackie's beautiful day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birmingham Newborn Photography-Isabelle Askew

Hello friend...
Sorry for such an extended period of silence.
Not only did I participate in a "Media Fast" with some precious friends, I have been busier than ever this year and I'm running a bit behind on the blogging end of things.

But enough with all that, let me introduce a most special little bit for you to enjoy. This is Isabelle and she particularly special to me because her mom is one very special friend!
(That's a lot of SPECIAL in one sentence!!)

I love you Sara, and all your monkeys, thanks for letting me be apart of your memories.

Enjoy her sweet newborn photos and come back later this week for more session reveals.