Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey Lovelies. Sorry for the delay in posts...although you probably weren't exactly expecting an everyday post from yours truly now were you?

I am in Jackson Mississippi tonight (tomorrow and Wednesday) doing some "real job" work for Hoffman. And let me just tell you I wasn't all that pumped about this trip to begin with but after the delightful foods I have encountered today, I would come back any day! Way to go Ms. Oh and if you are ever in this odd and small town stop by Walker's Drive In. Price-y but worth it! I wish I had a photograph of the portobello fries...yum.

Hope your Monday was as fruitful as mine!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Spring yet??

I can't tell you how ready for spring I am. And it isn't why you think!
I know I know you think its because the wedding is in the spring, right?

Well that, of course, is part of the reason but not all!

I am Cold.

Cold at home, Cold at work, Cold in my car. I ride all the way to and from work everyday with the heat turned up as high as it goes, and just to give you some perspective it takes me an hour one way! and still I'm cold. My mother tells me I'm crazy and that its not really all that cold, but with all do respect 'Flash'...(my dads new nickname for my mother) you aren't really the most non-biased human being to make that justified decision these days!!
(she will probably kill me after reading this).

So with all that being said, I am still cold. And I am still so very ready for the Spring!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok people...I am mean you lovely, wonderful human beings who read this blog;I have a emergency and a request!

Are you ready for this??

Are you sure?

I need this coat...

ok...well maybe not this exact coat, but one as close to this as humanly possible. I was reading a wonderful blog that I am in love with and she posted this wedding, and now I can't live without this coat for the reception at my wedding.

And preferably ivory not white!!

I am desperate! Ask your sister's mother-in-law to ask her mothers grandmother if they have this coat...or one similar!!

Go, please right now...quick!

I'll buy it, I'll borrow, I'll sell my left lung!

Please HELP!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

dinner and a movie

Let me just tell you what precious man I have. He was off yesterday and busy. I wasn't off and busy!
My photo shoot went usual..about an hour. So I didn't leave Homewood until around 6:15 and thank goodness it was a holiday or traffic would have been horrific! But when I got home (the new house) and Cory had made us dinner! A very yummy dinner at that!

Did I mention that he has never actually cooked for me before! ...wait let me rephrase...he has never come up with the menu, bought the food, and cooked it before. He was so proud, it was precious.
And he made sure I remembered the rule about whoever doesn't cook, cleans!! =) And what a mess there was to clean up.

This is what was left of our Lemon Pepper Chicken and noodle stir fry!! =)
Healthy right?
NO but very delicious.

And here is Cory devouring his plate!!

Plus when we...I mean I was finished cleaning up the mess, we watched a movie! 'P.S. I love you' is Cory's favorite and our most watched DVD in the collection! We didn't however make it to the end because we are apparently old and not able to function after the 8 clock hour!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Glitz and Glam.

I feel girl-y today. Really girl-y. Or maybe just inspired. Inspired to be creative, and feminine. I really want to go to my house and play! Decorate things and take out things I already have in place!

Cory just wants TV and veg out tonight, and thats ok... I'll just look here at this blog and dream!

Happy Tuesday to you all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

veil or no veil??

Last night my mother and I were discussing the wedding and all the things we have yet to do and accomplish and all the day of things concerning the ceremony and music...etc. Then I sort of realized all of the sudden...I do want to wear a veil!! Well if you know my mother you know her response! "ok now you can't just start dropping all these last minute ideas and wants down on the table with the wedding in only three months!!" ( yes three months ladies and gentlemen!) But she said ok I needed to be looking at styles and netting options and decide what I want so she can A. buy it or B. make it. So today while doing my usual at my desk (that is the usual when I am actually at my desk) I have been searching. Searching high and low for ideas. Cory already told me that he doesn't really like the short veils...meaning the birdcage ones!! of course you don't because of course those would be my first choice. So I am trying to find a middle ground. I don't particularly want it to go over my face, but since my dress (which is vintage and fabulous) is sort of non-traditional (I am sure you are all surprised) I still want something but not a full-on wedding veil monstrosity hanging down my back! Like this for example!!

(Kristin does this remind you of anyone..cough, Heather, cough)

This is the one I have found that I like this most. And this just in from my mother via email...she likes this one better than...

...this one

or this one.

I think the first one is still my favorite...I think. oh I feel the stress creeping in already. 3 months to go!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey strangers!

I plan on getting better at posting really soon but we'll see how that goes in the new year!
Hope 2009 started off great. Mine has been busy, as always though I suppose. I have been working at the house none stop for a week and I can't wait to post images, maybe by the weekend that will be possible.

And we just got all our engagement pictures back and they are great!! I love them. And the wedding is just 3 months away ... we are super excited. Wow I have lots to do.

Happy New Year!!