Wednesday, April 29, 2009


More from Savannah and the Honeymooners

After a lazy afternoon at the B&B we took another (smaller) cruise around Tybee, compliments of the Savannah Beach Inn.
Here are the images from that lovely afternoon boat ride at sunset!

Here is the captain! Cory liked the quote on his shirt.


Cory always crosses his toes...not sure why, its sort of weird.
But I thought it was cute here!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Bridals!!

Yay, Sarah just posted more images from my bridal shoot several weeks ago.

Go here to see more.


ok, so back to our honeymoon. Where was I? We decided since I work for Paula's magazine and get that food everyday here in Birmingham that we could skip the restaurant. We did end up eating at Bubba's one night just to make up for it and it was pretty good. By that time Cory was sick of seafood so it wasn't his favorite but I thought it was great.But then again any place with seafood is good to me.Bubba is Paula Dean's brother in case you missed the connection!
Instead of wasting time waiting in line at Paula's we did a lunch cruise around the river that was catered by none other than Lady and Son's! So we got to taste a little of Paula's down home cookin' anyways! It was good, but not our normal meal. Cory was highly disappointed. We aren't so much fans of turnip greens and lima beans! And the the cruise was basically an industrial tour of the shipping docks. EXCITING? I think not. But we did get to spend some time on the top deck enjoying the sun. We met a group of ladies in Savannah on vacation who thought it was so great we were there on our honeymoon. They wowed and ahhed over the ring and Cory! One of them offered to take our picture I of course was thrilled. It's one of the only ones of us that we aren't holding the camera out taking it of ourselves!

And it was actually a pretty good photo of us!

Here is our lunch.

We drank sweet tea...of course.

And Cory's sad face. Pertaining to the food!

But he decided it wasn't worth being upset about! Because it's our honeymoon!

And besides...the chicken was ok!

Here are some images from the rest of the cruise that day!

More from the HONEYMOON tomorrow!

Ok lets be real, probably Thursday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok, so apparently ( this is according to my mother) my previous post was pathetic and didn't contain enough photographs!
I think the empty nest syndrome has kicked in and is in full swing!
I promised to write more about Savannah and here I am. WRITING. We got there late Sunday afternoon. It took about 7 hours...give or take. Cory had said we were going to leave our house in the early am, as in 5 am. Yeah sure we will! Whatever you so say dear. Isn't that what you say ladies??
or maybe thats what the man is suppose to say!
Anyways, so obviously that didn't happen.
We rounded out of the drive about 8. Still pretty good, considering we had a long day the day before! WEDDING. I tried to fix Cory a bowl of cereal but he refused. So we stopped at the Cracker Barrell in Pell City for our first official sit down meal as husband and wife, I decided to not include communion, or the chicken salad, soup, and wedding cake we devoured in the bed the night before in this meal count! It was great.
We stuffed ourselves with pancakes and biscuits and gravy and of course sweet tea. (who doesn't order sweet tea for breakfast!) And then we made a quick stop at Walmart to grab me some tissue for this terrible reaction to the spring season that I am having, and to spend one of the gift cards we got. Waste no time do we! So by this time its like 9:45 and now we are on our way to Tybee Island. The drive was long. and long. and long. Finally we made it. After a few turn arounds, a raised voice, and an apology we found the B&B.

"It smell awesome here. No dear thats just the beach, it always smells like that."
"But I love it. Its the beach!"

The lady takes us to our room, which is located on the first floor, next to kitchen! It has its own entrance and exit to the outside and a two person tube!
However, its the size of a cracker jack box.
"Yes Cory I think its a queen bed, its suppose to be anyways". " I don't think it is", "well thats just because its almost as big as the whole run"
Did I mention there isn't (really) a shower in our room! Its one of those shower heads you can take down and hold. But to use it as a shower you sort of have to squat down and hunch over alittle. Not to mention there is no curtain, no door, no rod. You pretty much shower in the middle of the bathroom. This my friends is an interesting experience if you been married for thirty years...its even better when you have been married 1 day!
"I think the bathroom is bigger than the bedroom" , "its pretty close."
We ended up loving the room. Regardless.
We crashed. I think we ended up going to eat at Fannies on the Beach around 9 that night. Yummy seafood. Then back to bed we went. Breakfast is included with the inn so we set our alarm for 9:30. Breakfast is from 8-10, and theres nothing like being the last ones in for breakfast. And we were every morning! After breakfast on Monday we went back to bed again. It was stormy and raining the prefect day to rest. We did. All day long. We got up about 2 and got lunch from Arby's and then went back to bed, got up about 8:30 and headed to dinner. The folks at the B&B let us in on a secret diner that locals love. It was called the Sundea Cafe. Sketchy from the outside but definitely worth the risk. Its in a sort of strip mall next to a BP gas station. Yeah that's what we said too. But you walk in to a white table cloth - $30 a meal restarunt. And oh my. I had the best grilled chicken and pecan salad ever and cory the biggest fillet I have ever seen. It was fabulous! Look it up- Tybee Island, Sundae Cafe!!
I think we slept most of the day on Tuesday too but we did make it down to the beach for a little fun in the sun and thats when we found the lighthouse! Cory of course wanted to go up so went in to buy tickets and hike the 200 stairs to the observation deck but they were closing. But did get some great photos from the outside.

I'll be back the rest of the week and more photos soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The honeymoons over..get back work.

We're back!
Not so much because we want to be, but more because we have bills to pay and that requires a paycheck. So back to the jobs we go.
The wedding was beautiful. Perfect. Exactly what we wanted. And dreamed of. Tybee Island and Savannah were fabulous. We slept a lot, ate a lot, and played a lot. Its fun going on trips with your hubby. Our B&B was on Tybee Island, we could see the beach from the front porch. I love the beach. Can I live there one day? Cory says when we retire!! Oh good just 40 something years down the road!
Savannah was lovely as well. We ate good food everyday and took tours of the city on trolleys. We even went on a late night ghost tour of the city. Spooky things have happened there!
But I think the best part...was coming home to our little house!
Thanks for all your prayers! I hope to have wedding pictures to share soon! I'll keep you updated on the progress!

Here are some silly pictures ( and a sweet one of our rings) from the beach at Tybee Island!
I'll post more later in the week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneak Peak.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot with Malinda for Taste of the South so hopefully the day will fly by. It the last day I have to work before the BIG day and then we are off to Savannah for some great seafood and fun in the sun. Ahh, the rewards for getting married are endless. My sweet friend Sarah has been working so hard to finish my Bridal portraits so we can have one printed and framed for the wedding that my mom and I decided to do a little something special for her.

And this is what we came up with!
(This one is actually Malinda's which you will see on her blog too, she has made me the most beautiful reception veil and she's doing my makeup for the wedding)
Wow. What great friends I have!

Sarah's is a D.

Malinda loved hers so much we had to take a quick photo at work last week so she could post about it!! Sorry Mal, I stole your photo!

And I thought as a little enticing surprise I have another photo for you.
(I'm glad Cory doesn't read this)

You can also see this photograph and one more over here on Sarah's Blog!

And just in case tomorrow is so busy that I fail to blog again, and that the weekend becomes a little too busy itself I hope your week is as lovely as mine. We will be thinking of you all as we sip on something cold and watch the seagulls fly by!
Happy April days from Savannah, Ga. I'll be back in a week!

This past weekend my Grandmother and her sisters hosted my Bridesmaid Luncheon. For those of you who don't know what that is, its usually a late afternoon lunch for you and your bridesmaids. Basically its a time to honor them as your friends. Mine was at Blue Spring Manor Bed and Breakfast. Its such a beautiful place. I worked there during college and the owner Dorris is wonderful. If you are ever in need of some time away that's the place to go.
Dorris was also one of the hostess for the party.
It was Beautiful.
She did a lovely job with table scape, it followed perfectly the look of the wedding itself.

Lovely isn't it?

These were my gifts to the girls.

This was our tasty lunch. A chicken crepe with snap peas, spicy arugula, and a white sauce.
Wow. Can I come for lunch here everyday? (this totally trumps the left-over spaghetti I had today)

And this little beauty is my favorite. Its homemade raspberry sorbet! And its amazing.
I ate mine and Kristin's.

What a fun way to spend the rainy Sunday afternoon before your wedding, with a bunch a great friends and family and some fabulous food.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello world! Is it as cold everywhere as it seems to be here in Alabama. Just as I thought we were in the clear for warm weather on the big day, here we are again with freezing warning! And the rain...lets not even go there today. We are officially counting down the days.
Today = 5 days.
I know I haven't really posted any photos from the events leading up to this point so I thought today might work! (and I have Kristin camera this I downloaded the images for myself)
These are from the Lingerie party and the Bachelorette party. Kristin and my Bridesmaids hosted both and they were so much fun. A little embarrassing, but fun!

The tables were beautiful! Everything was pink and brown...classic lingerie colors!

My mother will probably email me soon, asking me to take this picture down! But its the lesser of the evils I can assure you.

These; however, are my favorites! From none-other than my GRANDMOTHER.
This is not lingerie,its an apron!

But wait...this is even better, Bon Ami and Scissors! NO WORDS. Not to mention I wasn't really sure what Bon Ami was! So I was a bit concerned. Until, of course everyone explained that its for cleaning your flat-top stove. And the scissors? Everyone needs a good pair of kitchen scissors! Did we forget to tell Mary Lee that this was a Lingerie shower, and not a kitchen shower? But the funniest part of this whole story, is that Cory and Josh had to come in the house to pickup Ella and it just so happened to be at the moment I held these products up. And you thought I was concerned!! Cory's face was beet red!

Did I mention yet that this was my Lingerie Shower??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are officially 10 days from the Wedding Day. And we are all on auto pilot. Barely. Cory has working so hard at our house getting it ready for the Rehearsal Dinner and we still aren't finished yet. Mom and Dad have requested our help at the wedding site this week, and for good reason! I have so much to maybe in May I'll be back to blogging more often.
Until then..Sorry. You understand, right?

I thought you might like to see Cory doing some work at our house.