Friday, June 12, 2009

To the rescue...

Wednesday night on my way from work my mother calls. She is ready to leave for the beach a day early, my dad "can't" miss church, and my sister is having melt down while being stuck at work...but who will get Ella?
K and Cory are at the top of the list, and to the rescue.
I stop and get the little bundle and we head home to surprise Cory (who hasn't had the best day at work either) , he was quite surprised but happy none the less.
We cooked dinner, while Ella danced to Dave Matthews in the kitchen.
The girl can get down.
Ella wanted to play "MOM" and so Cory was the baby.
She asked him to tell her what he wanted for dinner, as she checked the pantry and wrote down his order!
I grabbed my camera and got these!

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