Monday, February 8, 2010


I am not a teacher. Cory is the teacher (or soon to be teacher) in our family. But this Saturday I was asked by a coworker to teacher her young daughter photography and how to use her camera!

Meet Ann Carlton. She was precious and we had a great time at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Thank goodness for the indoor rose garden otherwise we would have frozen to death! She did such a good job and was a great student. I hope I taught her some things. At least she can work her camera now. It was a Nikon, and I'm a Canon girl, so we learned together how to use it.

Here are a few of my images from the morning.
I hope your weekend was as pleasant as mine.


Shana said...

so very sweet... I miss the gardens! The roses are beautiful... the pictures turned out great. It is wonderful that you took time to show her how to use her camera, I ended up taking a class from the girls at Mint & Sage just to learn mine! I admire your art as well as your blog!

Kamin said...

aww, thank you so much. i actually loved teaching her more than i thought i would!
thanks for the support.

Unknown said...

She loved being with you Kamin! I just sent this link to my sisters and my mom. They will love it - but they are still waiting on the portrait in the red dress as well. We will plan that for later in the Spring. Thanks again for spending time with AC. Alyce :)