Monday, April 19, 2010


Ok, don't get over excited, I know you are all waiting patiently for more images of my newest niece... but these are not Sophie's newborn photos.

This is a sweet tiny boy named Lake. His mommy is my sister's best friend from all the way back in grade school! Lake was born just four short weeks ago. My sister and I went out last weekend, Ella in tow, to do Lake's newborn session. Ella was super curious about Lake, and his big brother Grey gave her lots of tips on being the big sibling!

Enjoy these few sweet shots of Lake and come back soon for Sophie's newborn session!


The Buchanan Family said...

Adorable! Your work is amazing!

CBM Photo said...

2nd one is my favorite. very nice. i'm gearing up for my first newborn shoot here in a few weeks....wish me luck! ha.

can't wait to see sophie newborn shots!

Kamin said...

Thanks Ashley, I love doing newborn sessions!!

C, I love that one too. You will do fine. They are hard though. Especially anything older than two weeks. They are just so wiggly! Good luck. =)