Friday, May 28, 2010

Alabama Wedding Photography

I just couldn't resist! Patience is not one of my strong qualities.

Only a week into editing our most recent wedding and here I am posting not just a few images...but lots of images. I have known Val, well forever really, so when she called me about shooting her wedding I was without a doubt ecstatic!
May 22 was the date and American Village in Montevallo, Alabama was the gorgeous location.
Ro, Val's groom was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen and he is without a doubt head over heels, ridiculously, and beautifully in love with his precious bride. And you can see it all over his face!

Their wedding was so much fun to shoot and I can tell its going to be just as fun to edit!
Come back soon for more images from Ro and Val's wedding as well as more newborns, weddings, and kiddos!

Congratulations Val and Ro!

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Big C said...

Great pictures so far Kamin. You do such beautiful and you had a beautiful subject, Val and Ro's wedding!