Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A quarter of a century...

..yep, that's how old I am! 25 yesterday. I'm a lucky girl to have accomplished most of my dreams before 25 ( there are still a few I'm working on)...I'd say that's pretty good. And yet there's no better way to celebrate both birthdays and accomplishments than at home with my family.
And that's just what we did.

(Flowers from the garden/ Me and Ella with her hand made Birthday card)

(The fam enjoying the front porch before dinner)

My mom always cooks "Family Night Dinner" for birthdays and we (the guest of honor) get to pick the menu! I'm pretty easy and just let her plan the meal for it to be a surprise, and WOW what a meal. She even set this pretty table outside on the front porch!


After dinner and dessert (which is my favorite...lemon ice-box pies) we all headed out to pool for the rest of evening. We had a great time learning to swim with Ella, watching Soph get in for the first time, playing "keep it up" volleyball, and enjoying the long summer day.

But the best part of birthdays at our house is that they last all week long so when I got home last night I had this sweet little set up from my hubby!

Isn't he cute! He always sets my gifts up so they are the first thing I see when I walk in the door. The envelope was a gift card for a manicure and pedicure!!
Ahhh, I can't wait to use it.
We went to dinner just us to our favorite little local place. After dinner we ran home and changed to play tennis at the park, and had the best time.

I love you C, thanks for my making my b'day so special!

(Cory's excited face)

(We look pretty hardcore here...we aren't really)

(us..two hours later..nice and sweaty)

Thanks Mom for Birthday dinner and to everyone who came and loves me!
I love you back...10 times more.


Jessica Traywick said...

K, it looks like you had a fabulous time! I am so happy your birthday was a good one! See you soon :)


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