Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birmingham Childrens Photography

September 11! Today is a day I know that we all remember and it reminds us to cherish not only our freedoms but our loved ones. But this is not a post about that 9.11. , its a post about celebrating different 9.11. The one when our sweet Ella (my niece) was born!
That's right...she was born on 9.11 and today she is 4. Wow, this is such a crazy thing because I feel like it was just 5 minutes ago that I met and held her for the very first time.
If you don't know her, you are surely missing out. She is the most wonderful, smart, beautiful, little curly headed stinker that you will ever know! And I love her with every part of my soul.
Nana, Ella's grandmother and I had been planning a photo shoot with Ella, Sophie, and Isabella for some time, and today just happened to be the day we had planned. After our session we had a little time to play so Ella and I had our own shoot!
And what's better than handmade pinwheels, cupcakes, and the summer sun?
Pretty much only this sweet smile!

Happy Birthday El. I love you!


cmcilwain said...

She is so cute. The pictures are great.

The Buchanan Family said...

love the "cousin pic" with her and Bella. Sweet girls and great pics!

Kamin said...