Friday, April 8, 2011

Birmingham Newborn Photographer

This year is turning out to be my busiest yet! I have had so many lovely new clients in last few weeks that I have hardly had time to breath, but that's an awesome problem to have these days
(lots of business that is...not having a hard time breathing!!!!!)

So for today, let me introduce you to Hannah. She was a doll during her newborn session last week. She cooed and talked the whole time and was such a beautiful baby to be around. Thank you to her parents who pretty much let me rearrange the house and do whatever I needed to do to get some great shots of their little bitty!

Enjoy these few favorites from her session and stick around for some new posts later this weekend!


CBM Photo said...
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CBM Photo said...

spy a white blanket that I know!

The catch light in her eyes are quite striking. Great work as usual, K!

Kamin said...

Thanks C, I always love your comments!