Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love Letters

I had a beautiful day. Sundays are amazing. One because its a day of worship and two because its a day I always get to spend the whole afternoon with Cory. This is when I memorize the things he says and the way I feel and write them in my love letters to have later.

Our story is a simple one. One where a precious boy fell for a broken hearted girl and swept her off her feet. From the first date they knew. Not letting the other know for months and months. He was her saving grace. The one who sacrificed. The one who adored. The one who was willing to go the extra mile. The one who decided to stay. The one who wanted to stay. But most of all the one who loved without consequence. And the one who wanted forever. And so on the their fifth month together, he asked her to be his forever. And she said yes.

April 11th will begin our forever. And no worries I'll keep you updated on all our wedding day progress!

This weeks project...ordering the invitations and dress searching.

Oh and sorry for the sappiness! Him working out of town for first time and for a week just made me a little love-y today! Happy Sunday.


Amy said...

My Sweet Kamin,
I love you so much. I have always loved you. I loved having our own "Cheerleader Camp" in my front yard. I loved waiting patiently to hear those wonderful words, "Mrs. Amy, I made it!" I love that you always take the best pictures of my sweet boys. And I love that you are finally happy and are living out God's sweet plan for your life. I have cried reading these words tonight. Nobody in the world deserves happiness more than you. I am praying that God will continue to fill your life with unexpected blessings. I look forward to continuing to be a fan, a cheerleader, and a part of your life.
I am so proud of you!

Taz + Belly said...

i LOVE this picture of you two :). precious.

Sue said...

This post was absolutely beautiful! Not only are you a photographer, but you are a writer! I had tears in my eyes and then I open this to leave a comment and read what Amy wrote and they are not in my eyes---but on my cheeks! DITTO everything she said. Happiness comes to those who wait. Love you much!