Monday, September 22, 2008

Marbles, Marbles, Marbles

We are slowly beginning to work on the new house. But I have started working on things to put "in" the house more and more the past week or so. The house is ...well old. But a more, chocked full of character old not falling apart, disaster old! And I of course have a more bohemian/chic/eclectic style...whatever that is.
My mind is full of ideas and I have acquired so many fun things over the years of junk store adventures with my mom that I have plenty to keep me busy while Cory is out of town this week.

When I was younger I (for some unknown reason) started collecting marbles ! again, why I have no idea. And honestly I do have some quite interesting ones (as interesting as marbles can possibly be)!! But somehow I acquired an abundance of regular old colorful, glass, basic marbles. About a billion of them...and I'm not kidding. I have tons and tons of them. and I decided to use the container that they were in for another ...up coming idea for the the question became, what to do with the billions of marbles presently occupying this container?

And so here you have it, my last effort to create something from nothing.

And now my question changes to...where will it go? Kitchen, maybe? We shall see!

Happy Monday.


Sue said...

LOVE THIS!!!! I'm so glad you have a blog. It is addictive. I'm telling you now before you are hooked completely. (I hope you already are). How did you get the marbles to stay in???? This is too cute!

Kamin said...

Thank you. I cleaned the window really well, and put all the marbles in. and then got a piece of plexiglass cut to the same size and screwed it to the back. I wanted the light to come through both sides!!