Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am getting married in 46 days...

and yes I am keeping count. That also comes out to 6 weeks Saturday. We are officially in overdrive mode.
Here are images of the last wedding things in progress.


The stack of invitations that have already been addressed! Thank goodness.

These are the sacks for the peanuts on Cory's vintage Truck. I think I have about , oh I'd say maybe 200 to go!

Ella's dress , my mom made. Skylar and Molly's are similar but different.

The blue ribbons on Molly's dress.

The little girls are carrying these little bird houses down the isle!!

Cory's attire!

Possibly mine!!

My (i think) great grandmothers vintage bracelet. Kristin wore it in her wedding too!

So just in case you were wondering about the happenings in the Hoyle house. Here you go. There is lots going on.

And lots more to do.


Sherree said...
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Sherree said...

Looks like you have everything ready to go for the big day. It is going to be beautiful.

Amy said...

I am literally counting the days myself. I CAN'T WAIT! Forget Princess Diana...this is the wedding of the century for me. :)
Love you!

Kamin said...

haha. Amy you are hysterical!! I can't wait too. its getting so close. I hope its as beautiful in real life as it is in my head!!