Monday, March 9, 2009

Picking up speed...

Hi. Hello. So the busy-ness is picking up and gaining speed. This weekend I had three photo sessions and my bridal shower! Wow. Too much for one weekend!
Lets work our way backward through the weekend starting with the SHOWER.

It was beautiful. I loved every part! From the family wedding dresses used as decoration to the blue velvet chair in the middle of the room for me to open our presents in! It was such a special time for both of us but especially me!! Thank you all who had any part in it!! I will post pictures not only of the shower itself but of the disaster that is now my house.
I spent yesterday afternoon trying to come up with places to put all the wonderful things we got. And not only did we get lots and lots from this shower...but my aunt also dropped off the stuff from the Tupperware shower! Oh my heavens. I am the tiniest bit overwhelmed!!
Ok I take that back...I am very overwhelmed. Now I have my sights set on the light I see barely peeking through the top of the mound of THANK YOU notes I am currently under. So be patient with me friends, I am working on them!
I know my etiquette!!

Saturday I started the day early. Really early! And met the most precious couple and their son for our first photo session together. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a lovely place to be at 9 am on a Saturday! It comes a close second to my own bed!! And about 2 hours later I met up with my second photo session and was greeted with the biggest and best huge from Madeline I have ever had! What a way to start a session! Oh and I know the girls are dying for peek at the photos of their little I worked on a few today for them to see!

(Katherine and Michelle I hope these will tide you over for the next few weeks!!)

Meet James and his parents!

And miss Madeline!

Enjoy them Ladies!!

Ok so back to the story. After my sessions with these precious faces I flew back over to my office were I was suppose to be picking up some manikins for the ladies to use for my shower on Sunday, which of course I forgot to bring home on Friday! Well little to my knowledge our building is access restricted on weekends!! Who knew. I work there. You think I would be able to get in on the weekend if need be...not so much. Note to self: don't forget things when you leave the office for the weekend!
So after fighting with doors and with no success I gave up and flew some more. Except this time home! Where my darling of a Finance was patiently awaiting my arrival so I could join him on our on going search for the cheapest ma tresses in the Birmingham metro area. They aren't in Pell City! Are you serious. Do you know how much a MATTRESS costs. Ridiculous! So we continued on down I20 to 31. Were we went in every mattress store until we hit 150!!! Yes we went all over the world. So after no luck and no hopes of a better deal in sight (with our heads hung low) we took Valleydale back out to 280 and surrendered to STICKS & STUFF (Yes I know) were I gave the worker a question. Which mattress in out of these two (this is me pointing to the cheapest ones in the store) are in stock right now at this store? He of course pointed at the more expensive one! Go figure! We will take it, were do I sign, Cory pull the truck around!! Have you ever been mattress shopping? me you are better off on the couch!

Now on Friday I had another photo session with Keelan! You have met him before long ago when I first started this blog. 2008!! (sarcasm) It went just great. Well... him looking at me some might have helped, but still. I forgot the manikins for the shower!
Did I mention that already?

ooh. ok. Now i'm even more tired after re-living all that. Hope your weekend was slow and blissful. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts...which apparently is only until Friday!

Only in Alabama right?!?

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CBM Photo said...

Very light, fun images. Love them as always.

I thought that I would let you know that Kent plans to debut his new suit at your wedding. HA. This just isn't something a guy would typically say.

P.S. So sorry that I missed your tea, I was in a shoot for most of the afternoon.