Monday, March 23, 2009

on a more personal note..

This weekend was a busy one. Which as you know is the story of our lives right now. And with only three weeks (yes thats 3 weeks) until the WEDDING I don't see any slowing down in site! Friday was full of work in the morning at the office, and work and cleaning in the afternoon at home! Cory and Josh had a softball game that night so Kristin and I got to finish up the wedding programs and order them! And thank goodness we didn't wait any longer, because if you have already read her blog today you'll know that her computer is no more. We would have had to start completely over! Aw. But we got it saved and burnt to a disc just in time! Again thank you for your prayers!! =)
We are feeling them daily!!
Saturday was the Lingerie shower and Bachlorette party! Enough said! Those are pictures that proabably won't be posted any time soon! I got lots of great things that obviously are for Cory only! But thats the point right?!?
And then on Sunday was a little crazy in its own. I missed church! I'm sinner, yes I know. But afterward we were over at moms to lend a hand with the arbor construction! Dad had finished cutting all the pieces but it still had to be resurected. Which required some help!

It started out with just Josh, Cory, and my Dad. But soon the reinforcements came!!

And with them...this little guy!

Pop (my grandfather) has a "farm" for lack of a better word. And this is his newest occupant! He brought him by for Ella to name! Which of course she couldn't decide. So we are calling him Billy! As in :the goat! haha. Pop had already given him this little nick name!

Ella of course loved him! They ran around in circles and 'Billy' followed them!!

Josh was pretty fond of him as well!

Happy Monday!


Emily said...

I love that Ella is in her jammies!!!

Kamin said...

too funny right!! thats the first Kristin said when she saw the post..."why does my child have here pjs on"!!! Josh said thats what she wanted to wear!! Thats what happens when you leave your children with there fathers...they get to do whatever they want!! =)