Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend getway

I am writing this post a week late, but I have just now had a chance to download the images I took. Cory and I took a quick weekend getaway last weekend to Gatlinburg Tennessee! My aunt owns a time share at the West-gate right outside of Gatlinburg, and she so lovingly let us use it for the weekend.

We left late Thursday night after Cory's class and arrived there at 4am on Friday! A long drive you might say! We ended up sleeping most of the day away but after we got up and going we ate a pretty fabulous lunch at a local place and then spent the afternoon at the Aquarium downtown. We both love the water and are always fascinated by it and its inhabitants!

Saturday we slept late again (it is vacation) and spent the day shopping and eating more! I didn't take as many photos as I usually would because now we have our handy FLIP video recorder. Maybe I'll post a video someday!
We had a fabulous time, it was a super relaxing weekend just the two of us doing exactly what we wanted.

These last few images are my favorite. But I can't take complete artistic credit for them! My colleague and friend Kimberly gave me the idea. You can go here to see her images.


The Buchanan Family said...

I love the those pictures of the seahorse and the jellyfish! It is a very relaxing place to go!

cmcilwain said...

I love you pictures. Thanks for sharing.r