Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas..Round One

Ok, scratch that. This is no round one of my Christmas posts...but the only round of Christmas posts I have. Why you ask?! Because I got this for Christmas... my sweet little camera was off duty for awhile. Plus when I am on vacation from work, I mean to be on vacation from work.

I do have some photos, though! You know I can't not take any photos!

This is our Christmas tree

This is the closest thing to a photo of Cory and I together that I got. Thanks Pottery Barn!

Here are the guys playing "Washers" at mom and dad's on Christmas day!

Can you see how serious this game is...

And these two photos are of the gifts our oh so sweet Grandmom gave us all! =)

And this is my family!

I hope your Christmas was as lovely and hysterical as mine!


CBM Photo said...

excuse me, but does cory have on those frog, toe, shoe things? i love it! your tree looks wonderful. i always love to see your house photos.

i dont usually have any evidence that i experienced any holidays while shooting away either.

Kamin said...

haha. I'm always on camera duty...and this year I decided NO. =)But now of course I wish I had more images! That is always how it goes right?!?

Yes Cory does love those shoes. they were his Christmas present! and they are horrible. At least I don't have to wear them.