Friday, May 21, 2010

A Family

...this family is special. Mari (the mother) is my claim to to speak. She was my elementary school art teacher and the inspiration for my passion and life. Wow. Pretty special I'd say.

Mari is a fabulous art teacher, artist, and most obviously mother. I remember waiting and waiting for that one day a week that we got to go art class at VES, oh I longed for that day every week. One of the very first things I remember her teaching us was how to draw a face, and that the eyes actually go closer to the very center of the face rather than the top! And then a few afternoons a week she taught an after school art class which my sister and I both never missed. Mom would take me to the thrift store for old National Geographic magazines and I would flip through the pages over and over again looking for just the right photograph to recreate as a painting.

I loved art from the very begin of my childhood and Mari was part of that. And now its my life. So when Mari emailed me about a photo-shoot with her family, I was thrilled. I so loved the natural setting and complete creative freedom she gave me. These few images are my favorites so far!

Thank you Mari, for your inspiration to my life and for the opportunity to see your beautiful family through my lenses.


Amy said...

Oh Kamin, how I LOVE this! You are so right about Mari. My boys love her, Griffin is OBSESSED with all things Mari Newton. These pics are GREAT. The first one is my fave! You are so awesome. BTW - have you scoped out my location in Sylacauga? Love you!

CBM Photo said...

Ah, I just wish I had that in my childhood. Clanton didn't have any sort of art program when I was growing up. What a great story, K. I'm noticing some background blurring lately in your photographs. It's nice.

Kamin said...

Thank Amy! She's pretty great. I haven't made it to sylacauga yet...but I am meaning to. Love ya.

C, I'm loving the tilt-shift look these days. Thanks for noticing!! Your creativity with a styled shoot is so lovely!