Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birmingham Children's Photography

Post #2 in one night...I'm doing pretty good so far!

Meet Gavin and his sweet parents.
He turned two recently so we ventured out to capture this adorable stage in his life. After a few minutes of warming up to me, Gavin and I became great friends! We mirrored each other, played with rocks, talked about dogs, ran up and down Morris Avenue, and sat on the ground (alot)!!

Gavin was a fantastic two year old session, if I ever had one.
And thanks to a few fruit snacks, among other bribes by mom, dad, and myself, I think we had much success!

Thanks so much guys, Gavin was awesome! I can't wait to see you all again soon.



CBM Photo said...

FINALLY! I was about to come on to Vincent and blog for you!

I really like your take on Morris Ave. These are great, K!

Kamin said...

Haha, Thanks C. I wish someone would blog for me. Its tough to keep up!!