Monday, October 3, 2011

Birmingham Family Photography- The McClouds

So I have these friends, Jen & Adam, who are amazing! They are those friends that you might not see very often but when you do its like you were never apart.And I love them beyond words. We all met in college working in ministries and I'm not sure I have any college memories that one or both of them are not in. After graduation they got married and moved back in Jen's home state, GA and started having babies!!

And boy are their babies beautiful.

Jen called a few weeks ago and said they were coming in town for some family time and wanted to do a family photo session with me. Of course I was so excited to see them and love on those babies but even more excited to photograph them all for the first time ever!

Here is a little sneak peak from our early Sunday shoot last week!

Adam, Jen, Mags, and Jack I love you all so much! Thank you for letting me spend the morning with you and capture this wonderful time in your lives. Come back to Alabama soon, I miss you.


AUsome mom said...

The pics are just gorgeous! I truly cannot wait to see more. It was great seeing you & meeting your hubby. Anytime the kids are here feel free to come visit :)

Kamin said...

Thank you so much! And I just might take you up on that visiting next time, I think they should come more about you? =)