Monday, October 10, 2011

Birmingham Senior Portraits- John Bennett

This is a special post for two reasons!
The first is because its my first senior portraits of the year, which is always exciting, and two because John Bennett is an old friend!

I used to babysit John Bennett and his little sisters way back in middle school! Holy-cow, this makes me feel really old, being that he is graduating high school!!
And knowing at the same time that I probably wasn't really old enough to be babysitting anyone let-alone three at one time! What were our parents thinking?
Thank goodness there was always Papa John's Pizza delivery and GREAT cable TV, and usually Cathrine was already asleep! =)

John Bennett, what an amazing kid (adult) you turned out to be! I can't wait to see where you end up...and who all you will have your photo taken with!

Holly get ready, this is your baby! And you might cry when you see these.
Love you all, and thanks!

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