Friday, July 20, 2012

Birmingham Family Photography : Summer Mini's

I love Mini Session day! I host Mini Sessions two days each year, once in the summer and once in the fall! 
They book up pretty fast so I tend to have a VERY busy day, but these kiddos and families are some of my favorites. 
Get comfy and enjoy these sweet faces! 

The Alexander boys...check out that awesome birth-mark shaped like Alabama! 

These sweet girls are sisters and cousins (Bella, Lucy, and Riley) and oh those smiles are to die for! 

I must brag a little here... these are my nieces! Beautiful, no?

Fitz Garrett, would not let his favorite toy out of his sight..or hands! 

Oh the Henson boys are so sweet ( I got to love on Henry just today), and oh so fun! I can't wait to meet their soon to be born baby sister!

These edible little's are some long time clients and friends. Madeline and Preston are pros at photo-shoots! 

 Check out those blue eyes! My sweet cousin Lily was the easiest shoot all day, and with a precious smile like that you can see why! 

These are some favorite church friends! How beautiful are they?

This was my first time shooting Blair, her mom and I were friends in high school! 

Another new client! I so love that big bow...oh so pink.

More sweet faces! This precious family just moved all the way to DC, I hope I get to see them again soon.

Look at those cheeks, and sweet big brother hugs. I love, love, love this adorable family! Micah's "funny" word is Buttercup...we say it over and over and he always smiles! =)

The Tomasello's drove all the way from Auburn to spend some time with me! And they never disappoint! 

The Burn's family kiddos made me work for these sweet images...but oh it was worth it. What adorable faces! I never mind working hard when the outcome looks like this. 

And these little babies are just about the sweetest, funniest little guys I've photographed. What fun we had jumping and rolling about in the grass! 

Thank you all so so much for coming out for these Mini Sessions, I love spending time you and your amazing kids. I have a really dream job! I hope to see you all in the fall! 

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