Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridesmaid Inviations

How great are these?
I wanted to send my "maids" an invitation to be in the wedding and a list of the other maids and their information. I found the idea in a Martha Stewart Wedding issue where they sent cards to the bridesmaids with the dress information on them. But since we had already found their dresses, this became my version of that idea.

As you know the theme of the wedding is Garden/Southern so of course I wanted to use something whimsical and fresh, but also still in line with the overall feel of the wedding itself. And since there will be other uses for birds, one being part of my cake I felt like this was the perfect image to use.
I loved the bird. I am so proud of them, and with a little help from my photo shop version became this!
My girls loved them too.


Amy said...

I love them! I can't WAIT for this beautiful wedding....I also can't wait for the photo session this weekend! I am envisioning pictures of little boys and girls in the cotton patch, maybe walking down the railroad tracks...I CAN'T WAIT!
Love you,
ps~I want to come see the house!

Kamin said...

Thank you Amy. I loved them too. I'm so excited about the session saturday too!
However I just realized that Emma is probably unable to stand much less walk or even really sit up! which throws a bit of a kink in my plan...we will have to be creative!!
Love you much. See you then!!

You can of course come see the house. its still a disaster but your welcome anytime!!

Amy said...

She can sit up. And crawl. WE NEED A RED WAGON!