Thursday, September 18, 2008

Newly Acquired Taste

I think we should always try new things. Especially when you can see others around you are truly enjoying them. So here I am blogging! My sister is obsessed with this. She can't stop talking about how much she enjoys the community and the stories. I started reading her blogs this week and realized just how fun it could really be (don't tell her I said so).
This will be, I am certain, the first of many posts. I suppose I'll give some history now! I am a photographer. Literally and at at heart! I believe that I see the world differently, as if I were looking through my camera. Which most of the time I am. I am engaged and pumped about a wedding. Isn't every girl. Even the ones who are already married. I have a friend who I think is re-living the planning of her wedding through me. We will be married on April the 11th next year. and it's been a crazy ride even from the start. When I finally found and decided on a photographer she was we changed the date of the wedding to accommodate her which just happens to be easter weekend. And if one more person asks if we will be using easter eggs in the decor I might scream! My invitations are not being produced anymore so I have a deadline to order them, and no matter how my times I ask Cory how many are on his list, his response is "i can only do one thing at a time" referring to either the online poker game he is presently addicted to or the Alabama job search page. This is my life!
Also we are working on our house. It needs a little love and so we are loving it to death. and will be for some time. We are HGTV fans. Cory calls me with remedies he has found through watching all the time. We are 30 in 23 year olds bodies!
My job is crazy. A photographers life is never slow. If I'm not shooting at work, I'm shooting at home. But its life and I love it.
I hope you will laugh with me as I partake on this roller coaster of a life that is mine.

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