Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Typing...

My weekend typing and updating needs to improve much I realize but until that day comes I will be having this Monday weekend update for you instead!
As always our weekend was packed full of things to do and places to go but we managed to get them all in and done, how I couldn't tell you!

Friday night was our Sunday School Christmas Party at my sister house, which if you read my blog you probably read hers first meaning that you already know this but none-the-less! We had some interesting occurrences during and before our party! I had made a hash brown casserole for Thanksgiving but had too much for my pan so I put half up in the freezer to safe for this very save me time you know!! I can home on Thursday night to find my lovely casserole being cooked for dinner by my mother, whom I had forgotten to tell I was saving it. So I had to re-think my veggie option for our little get to together. I ended up making roasted red potatoes. They were divine!
While my potatoes where cooking I was helping Kristin make the rest of her things. A Derby pie! and the dressing! She was, by memory, telling me the amounts of the ingredients to the pie while she finished the dressing and put it in the over. She got out the eggs and chocolate chips, the nuts, and the flour (all for the pie of course) and upon opening the egg carton realized that there were more eggs there than were suppose to be there! Why? the dressing calls for three eggs and Kris forgot to add them in!! She kept making us try it to see if it still tasted ok...not the best but no one even noticed!! Of course now that we have posted about it they will all know! But then while she was obsessing about the dressing she told me to put three eggs in the pie...instead of one as the recipe calls for. Needless to say the pie was a little too runny! We laughed and laughed. What a catastrophe. The party went well and was so much fun despite the egg issues!

Saturday was a good day too Cory has Bball practice, he and Josh are always playing something this is season for Basketball! So I worked at the house, trying to finish up the Kitchen but just as I was about to start the last portion of the trim Cory got there and wanted to go eat lunch! Big surprise right, we ate at the Grill in Childersburg as always its one of our most favorite places close to eat. We ate lunch and then parted ways again. I had a photo session at my parents house and he was off to watch the big game...

the SEC Championship so of course all the men were to not be disturbed between the hours of 2:30 and at least 7!

Mom and I went to see Kassidy, my cousin, leave for a Prom-type event at the High School. And she looked so beautiful. My aunt Heather's camera was broken (or so she said !! ) so I took mine and took a few shots for them to have. These are my favorites.

After the game we all, mom dad kristin josh cory and I, all meet up for dinner and movie! I love Cory not working on Friday and Saturday nights...we can finally have date nights again! We all saw "four christmases" and it was hysterical! We laughed the whole time.

The weekend was great...busy as always but still a weekend. No complaints here!

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Gran said...

Oh Kamin, Kassidy's pictures are simply beautiful! Of course you had a great subject to work with!