Monday, January 12, 2009

veil or no veil??

Last night my mother and I were discussing the wedding and all the things we have yet to do and accomplish and all the day of things concerning the ceremony and music...etc. Then I sort of realized all of the sudden...I do want to wear a veil!! Well if you know my mother you know her response! "ok now you can't just start dropping all these last minute ideas and wants down on the table with the wedding in only three months!!" ( yes three months ladies and gentlemen!) But she said ok I needed to be looking at styles and netting options and decide what I want so she can A. buy it or B. make it. So today while doing my usual at my desk (that is the usual when I am actually at my desk) I have been searching. Searching high and low for ideas. Cory already told me that he doesn't really like the short veils...meaning the birdcage ones!! of course you don't because of course those would be my first choice. So I am trying to find a middle ground. I don't particularly want it to go over my face, but since my dress (which is vintage and fabulous) is sort of non-traditional (I am sure you are all surprised) I still want something but not a full-on wedding veil monstrosity hanging down my back! Like this for example!!

(Kristin does this remind you of anyone..cough, Heather, cough)

This is the one I have found that I like this most. And this just in from my mother via email...she likes this one better than...

...this one

or this one.

I think the first one is still my favorite...I think. oh I feel the stress creeping in already. 3 months to go!


Sue said...

Kamin....I think whatever YOU choose will be absolutely beautiful. I haven't seen anything that you do that isn't. I'm excited....3 months until the most beautiful wedding in the history of Vincent.

Kitty Forbus said...

I definitely like the first two!

Amy said...

If "the first one" is the tulle explosion Heather, then I too vote for that one. JUST KIDDING. You will be bee-you-tee-ful in anything, but I like the first one that you suggested. VERY pretty.

Anonymous said...

BIRDCAGE!!! Hands down.