Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Spring yet??

I can't tell you how ready for spring I am. And it isn't why you think!
I know I know you think its because the wedding is in the spring, right?

Well that, of course, is part of the reason but not all!

I am Cold.

Cold at home, Cold at work, Cold in my car. I ride all the way to and from work everyday with the heat turned up as high as it goes, and just to give you some perspective it takes me an hour one way! and still I'm cold. My mother tells me I'm crazy and that its not really all that cold, but with all do respect 'Flash'...(my dads new nickname for my mother) you aren't really the most non-biased human being to make that justified decision these days!!
(she will probably kill me after reading this).

So with all that being said, I am still cold. And I am still so very ready for the Spring!

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Sue said...

I had to laugh reading this because I will tell you the truth.....your mother froze for years....she burned us up in the office because she had the heater on in the summer. I'm so happy Flash knows how I felt! LOL