Tuesday, January 20, 2009

dinner and a movie

Let me just tell you what precious man I have. He was off yesterday and busy. I wasn't off and busy!
My photo shoot went over...as usual..about an hour. So I didn't leave Homewood until around 6:15 and thank goodness it was a holiday or traffic would have been horrific! But when I got home (the new house) and Cory had made us dinner! A very yummy dinner at that!

Did I mention that he has never actually cooked for me before! ...wait let me rephrase...he has never come up with the menu, bought the food, and cooked it before. He was so proud, it was precious.
And he made sure I remembered the rule about whoever doesn't cook, cleans!! =) And what a mess there was to clean up.

This is what was left of our Lemon Pepper Chicken and noodle stir fry!! =)
Healthy right?
NO but very delicious.

And here is Cory devouring his plate!!

Plus when we...I mean I was finished cleaning up the mess, we watched a movie! 'P.S. I love you' is Cory's favorite and our most watched DVD in the collection! We didn't however make it to the end because we are apparently old and not able to function after the 8 clock hour!

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Nana said...

That is very sweet and I'm sure only the first of many :)