Tuesday, April 28, 2009


ok, so back to our honeymoon. Where was I? We decided since I work for Paula's magazine and get that food everyday here in Birmingham that we could skip the restaurant. We did end up eating at Bubba's one night just to make up for it and it was pretty good. By that time Cory was sick of seafood so it wasn't his favorite but I thought it was great.But then again any place with seafood is good to me.Bubba is Paula Dean's brother in case you missed the connection!
Instead of wasting time waiting in line at Paula's we did a lunch cruise around the river that was catered by none other than Lady and Son's! So we got to taste a little of Paula's down home cookin' anyways! It was good, but not our normal meal. Cory was highly disappointed. We aren't so much fans of turnip greens and lima beans! And the the cruise was basically an industrial tour of the shipping docks. EXCITING? I think not. But we did get to spend some time on the top deck enjoying the sun. We met a group of ladies in Savannah on vacation who thought it was so great we were there on our honeymoon. They wowed and ahhed over the ring and Cory! One of them offered to take our picture I of course was thrilled. It's one of the only ones of us that we aren't holding the camera out taking it of ourselves!

And it was actually a pretty good photo of us!

Here is our lunch.

We drank sweet tea...of course.

And Cory's sad face. Pertaining to the food!

But he decided it wasn't worth being upset about! Because it's our honeymoon!

And besides...the chicken was ok!

Here are some images from the rest of the cruise that day!

More from the HONEYMOON tomorrow!

Ok lets be real, probably Thursday!

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