Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneak Peak.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot with Malinda for Taste of the South so hopefully the day will fly by. It the last day I have to work before the BIG day and then we are off to Savannah for some great seafood and fun in the sun. Ahh, the rewards for getting married are endless. My sweet friend Sarah has been working so hard to finish my Bridal portraits so we can have one printed and framed for the wedding that my mom and I decided to do a little something special for her.

And this is what we came up with!
(This one is actually Malinda's which you will see on her blog too, she has made me the most beautiful reception veil and she's doing my makeup for the wedding)
Wow. What great friends I have!

Sarah's is a D.

Malinda loved hers so much we had to take a quick photo at work last week so she could post about it!! Sorry Mal, I stole your photo!

And I thought as a little enticing surprise I have another photo for you.
(I'm glad Cory doesn't read this)

You can also see this photograph and one more over here on Sarah's Blog!

And just in case tomorrow is so busy that I fail to blog again, and that the weekend becomes a little too busy itself I hope your week is as lovely as mine. We will be thinking of you all as we sip on something cold and watch the seagulls fly by!
Happy April days from Savannah, Ga. I'll be back in a week!

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Anonymous said...

You're so silly. You didn't steal this picture; you're the one who took it for me!