Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok, so apparently ( this is according to my mother) my previous post was pathetic and didn't contain enough photographs!
I think the empty nest syndrome has kicked in and is in full swing!
I promised to write more about Savannah and here I am. WRITING. We got there late Sunday afternoon. It took about 7 hours...give or take. Cory had said we were going to leave our house in the early am, as in 5 am. Yeah sure we will! Whatever you so say dear. Isn't that what you say ladies??
or maybe thats what the man is suppose to say!
Anyways, so obviously that didn't happen.
We rounded out of the drive about 8. Still pretty good, considering we had a long day the day before! WEDDING. I tried to fix Cory a bowl of cereal but he refused. So we stopped at the Cracker Barrell in Pell City for our first official sit down meal as husband and wife, I decided to not include communion, or the chicken salad, soup, and wedding cake we devoured in the bed the night before in this meal count! It was great.
We stuffed ourselves with pancakes and biscuits and gravy and of course sweet tea. (who doesn't order sweet tea for breakfast!) And then we made a quick stop at Walmart to grab me some tissue for this terrible reaction to the spring season that I am having, and to spend one of the gift cards we got. Waste no time do we! So by this time its like 9:45 and now we are on our way to Tybee Island. The drive was long. and long. and long. Finally we made it. After a few turn arounds, a raised voice, and an apology we found the B&B.

"It smell awesome here. No dear thats just the beach, it always smells like that."
"But I love it. Its the beach!"

The lady takes us to our room, which is located on the first floor, next to kitchen! It has its own entrance and exit to the outside and a two person tube!
However, its the size of a cracker jack box.
"Yes Cory I think its a queen bed, its suppose to be anyways". " I don't think it is", "well thats just because its almost as big as the whole run"
Did I mention there isn't (really) a shower in our room! Its one of those shower heads you can take down and hold. But to use it as a shower you sort of have to squat down and hunch over alittle. Not to mention there is no curtain, no door, no rod. You pretty much shower in the middle of the bathroom. This my friends is an interesting experience if you been married for thirty years...its even better when you have been married 1 day!
"I think the bathroom is bigger than the bedroom" , "its pretty close."
We ended up loving the room. Regardless.
We crashed. I think we ended up going to eat at Fannies on the Beach around 9 that night. Yummy seafood. Then back to bed we went. Breakfast is included with the inn so we set our alarm for 9:30. Breakfast is from 8-10, and theres nothing like being the last ones in for breakfast. And we were every morning! After breakfast on Monday we went back to bed again. It was stormy and raining the prefect day to rest. We did. All day long. We got up about 2 and got lunch from Arby's and then went back to bed, got up about 8:30 and headed to dinner. The folks at the B&B let us in on a secret diner that locals love. It was called the Sundea Cafe. Sketchy from the outside but definitely worth the risk. Its in a sort of strip mall next to a BP gas station. Yeah that's what we said too. But you walk in to a white table cloth - $30 a meal restarunt. And oh my. I had the best grilled chicken and pecan salad ever and cory the biggest fillet I have ever seen. It was fabulous! Look it up- Tybee Island, Sundae Cafe!!
I think we slept most of the day on Tuesday too but we did make it down to the beach for a little fun in the sun and thats when we found the lighthouse! Cory of course wanted to go up so went in to buy tickets and hike the 200 stairs to the observation deck but they were closing. But did get some great photos from the outside.

I'll be back the rest of the week and more photos soon!


Nana said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a great time, and time to rest - I know that was needed, and probably will still be for a while!! Y'all have had a VERY busy year :)

CBM Photo said...

Wedding=lovely, sweet and cozy.

Honeymoon looked beautiful, restful and maybe not so restful too.

So glad I got to see you in your beautiful dress!