Saturday, November 14, 2009

Engagement Session

I did the sweetest engagement session today. I was too excited not to come straight home, edit my favorites and post them.
Kyle, Autumn, and I met at Farm Links Golf course to spend the afternoon swooning the beauty and playing in the leaves...and there was a little photography in there too!

Enjoy these two photos and be watching for more.
And keep your eyes open for their wedding images in June!


Beth Scott said...

The "next blog" button on the toolbar is supposed to be revamped and direct you to a similar site. I decided to test it out on, and see where it would send me from your blog.... this is where it sent me

Its hardly what I would call a blog of similar interest...
I just thought I'd share!

Kamin said...

That's pretty funny. I hope my blog isn't as depressing as that!!
Oh and Patrick should be coming home with you disc of photos tonight I sent it with Josh today!!