Friday, November 6, 2009


I can't wait to finish up the images from this shoot with the Johnsons
and their sweet dog Shelby.

I met Ashleigh when I was in high school. She was the JV Cheerleader Coach and I was a Varsity Cheerleader at Vincent. We spent a lot of time helping the younger team that year and I got to know Ashleigh.

I haven't seen her in years but she works with my mom and knew through her that I did photography.

Ashleigh and I had been in cahoots about getting a date nailed down to do a session when she and her husband found out Shelby had cancer. Ashleigh contacted me and we made and emergency session on Sunday afternoon to make sure we got lots of new photos of Shelby with her family.

I had a lovely afternoon with this precious family and Shelby! Thanks Ashleigh for allowing me to be a part Shelby's life even for one afternoon. I am working hard to finish your session, I know you are anxious to see them.

ps. I'll be sure post more photos as I finish them.

**Update: I couldn't resist updating the post with this image below!
This is Carter, Shelby's brother!

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The Buchanan Family said...

I love Carter-such a sweet boy! I have only heard of Shelby but she is adorable! (we have the same sitter)