Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Day: Friday night
Time: ?

Conversation: Me "What are we going to be for Halloween?"
Cory "I don't know"
Me "Well its tomorrow"
Cory "Do we have to dress up?"
Me "Yes!!"

This was the way our Friday night went. And since we are clearly procrastinators this is what we decided on...

Pretty good for the last minute right? We were Homecoming King and Queen!

Every year our church does Trunk or Treat for the community and since we are the children church leaders we are always a part of the event. Last year we didn't dress up at all, but what fun is Halloween without costumes? And the kiddos love it when the old folks are all dressed up too! It was hit! And I got one more wear out this bridesmaids dress! $200 and two times worn and now it will collect dust..probably until next year...maybe I'll be a Prom Queen! =)

My sister and her little family came for the festivities as well as my Mother-in-law and Cory's sister and babies! We loved getting to see everyone all dressed and on their best behavior for candy!

Ella loved my fancy dress and crown!

And Skylar and Brayden were a little too distracted by all the potential candy to hang around too long!

We also had time Friday between our usual Friday dinner at the Grill...and the big decision on our costume choice to carve our pumpkin!
Cory did a fabulous job making it extra spooky!

Happy Halloween.

We hope yours was as spectacular and spooky as ours!

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