Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I ordered wedding invitations!

ahh, I'm so relieved to have that finished and done and over with.
Don't get me wrong I am enjoying every minute and every thing I am doing for our wedding but some things are just stressful. Like the invitations for example. I went to find them on the site and they weren't there. So I called and emailed, freaking out.
I had already decided in my head and heart that those were the ones I could I possible be asked to start looking all over again?

But much to my surprise they are still printing them. Until October 16th that is. So we ended up having to order them much earlier than we would have. But money spent or not, I am glad to have them ordered. And I just got an email saying they will be shipped tomorrow! Which means they should be here in a week!!

Pumped, to say the least!
They are great. Totally me. Totally garden wedding-isk.
Expected nothing less, right?

I'll let you know when they arrive!


Sue said...

How exciting! I'm sure they are beautiful...the time is passing quickly and it'll be April before you know it. Can't wait until Saturday.

Kamin said...

oh my gosh, I know. Time is going by so fast. But we are very anxious! =)

Saturday photo shoot here we come!