Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been reading a blog that my sister lead me to when I first started blogging. Its called cjane and her blog today was so wonderful and encouraging. So much so that I wanted to repost something that she said toward the very end..."when we think we're waiting, we're really progressing".

This is so, so evident in my life, especially when I begin to look back over the last several years of it. We get into this mind set of the here and now, and we forget to look back and ahead. And I think so many times people continue to say don't look back and dont think about the past. But we should. Not to regret what we see there, or to mourn the situation and once again bring that pain back, but simply to learn from it. Even if that means learning from the mistakes or the victories. Why make the same the mistakes twice, or for that matter why not learn from someone else's...and avoid that same pain or disappointment yourself. So many times we trick ourselves into thinking we are doing nothing more than waiting around, that we forget to live and enjoy the very moment that we are in. And then we miss the next, and the next, and the next. So then we look back at the end and realize we never really lived at all. What a sad day that would be. I remind myself often that I can do things better today than I did the day before. This sweet blog today really reminded me of that.

We are not just waiting, we are progressing. Each day is a progression from the day before. Look for the good things and strive to do them again and better tomorrow. And then turn around and look how far you have come!

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Gran said...

It is a wonderful thing to encourage people to smell the roses. Thanks for your encouragement. Love, Mom