Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long time...

Hello there. I know its been forever. Let me just say that Savannah is lovely, but the back of my eyelids are like much more at this point in the week. Yes I know you are thinking umm, ok K its just Tuesday. But this is my ninth day in a row to be working. And this week will not be ending until Friday as usual.
But enough with the sob story, lets get back to Savannah. Its such a fun town. Not what I was expecting but a lovely surprise. I wish I would have had more time to just explore, and not be working but maybe next time right!?! It was definitely a "Celebration" (hint to my reason for being there).
Never the less I'm glad to be home. And was greeted with much love from my parents and my sweet Cory. It was a night of recollecting my adventures throughout the weekend, as well as its complaints of course and over a hot bowl of homemade chili and our Sunday night shows happening in the background. It was a sweet relief from my 7 hour drive back from Georgia.
So here I am back from another "shooting" journey with many more in my future (I hope). Without much advice or insight to give I'm afraid except for maybe to breathe. Take deep breathes. There will, more than likely throughout your life, as through mine, where you have to remind yourself to breathe. And not necessarily because you are wowed with the situation you're in, but because you are afraid to open your mouth because of what might be lying there, waiting to scream itself out if it sees an opening. Frustrations come. and they go. Everyday. And believe me they never stop coming. So be ready. Take deep breathes. Cry if you need to (probably better to be alone for that though!! People like to ask questions.). Remember that this life is preparation for the next. The one where we live for eternity with the one who saved us. The one who experienced the ultimate "frustration" (understatement of the year award goes to...).
Life keeps moving, even in the mist of those frustrations and you must too. (Clearly I'm saying all this to myself) Breathe in, and then out. Repeat the before steps!!
Over and Over.

ps. This image has absolutely nothing to do with the above post. It's just a little piece of home, which I have desperately needed this week.

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