Wednesday, November 18, 2009

M. Carle

Look at Macklin's grumpy old man faces...! I love it. He was so sweet this day a few weeks ago. You should remember him from this post.

Amye and I met at Mount Laurel one cool Sunday afternoon several weeks ago to have a session of Macklin and sweet big brother Jackson. Amye pulled up and got Macklin out...and no Jackson! He had told her right as they were walking out the door that he didn't want to take pictures and she and Macklin could just go without they did. And we had a lovely little hour long session roaming the town streets and letting Macklin do what he does best...look sweet (and little grumpy sometimes)!

Thanks Amye for letting me love on Macklin and document his precious little life. I can't wait to do Christmas pictures, I hope Jackson decides to come this time!

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Gran said...

Gran does not think he looks grumpy at all, I think he looks adorable!