Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ella's New Doll

Last night when I went to take my sister (Kristin's) week 28 baby bump photos I had Ella a surprise! She was so excited by the time I got there she was jumping around like crazy. After unloading my equipment and setting up for our session I ran back out to the car to grab the surprise. Ella screamed with joy at the sight of this too cute, handmade ballerina doll a co-worker gave me especially for her. She loved it so much she continued to run around in circles yelling "its a ballerina dolly, Mom, Dad look ...its a ballerina".
She named her Dolly. Precious right??

So yes now its official (as if it weren't before) that I am the favorite, best aunt there ever was or ever will be!

Thanks so much Tracy.

Go HERE to see more of Tracy's dolls and other goodies.


Sherree said...

I LOVE the doll. It is precious and so is Ella.

Kamin said...

Thank you.

Dylan Jahraus said...

Love the picture at the top of your page! My dream is to work for a magazine!