Friday, November 14, 2008

and the finale...

Finally I am finished with the Baker Farms Pumpkin Patch Sessions!!!
Sorry to my sister who had to wait until last to have her images cleaned and edited. But they are done.(I am burning your disc Kristin, as we speak!) Here are my favorites from Ella's session which we did on Sunday of the Baker Farms weekend. She was so excited to be there and play. She jumped in the cotton with Cory and went on a hay ride. We had so much fun following her around all afternoon. I think these images are some of my favorite I have ever taken of her, even though in most of them she isn't looking at me. She is so stubborn and knows what I am doing with my camera, and she would rather get a spankin' than look at me and she just about did!

I hope you all love your photographs and enjoy them for a long, long time...but not too long Christmas is coming up!

Call me when you are ready for more!!


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Nana said...

Seriously, I just don't know how she could be any more adorable :)!! Precious pictures K, as always!!