Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A long day. That was yesterday! After a trip to the hospital and a little TLC I think he will live! Yeah so yesterday started out just fine. As always I drove to work and started my day. Cory hasn't been feeling well the last several days so he called in sick, well actually I called in sick for him but same difference. I won't go into details (due to request from the "soon to be") but we thought it could be several things, but then he started Monday feeling like it was the flu so we treated it as that and he stayed in bed the rest of the night and morning. I talked to him in the morning yesterday and he was still feeling very sick and weak, and in much pain (again no details)! I hadn't heard from him in a few hours so I called, no answer. I called again, no answer. About an hour later he calls from a car! I ask what he is doing up and Cory informs me that he has been to hospital!! The hospital!!! Why I ask...trying not to panic. He passed out cold from the pain when he tried to walk to kitchen for something and was taken to the hospital! Are you kidding me! No. Was I called...No. I could have killed him. So now I'm in a complete panic trying to figure out what happened, and if he is really ok, how soon can I finish at the office and make it home? Who knows who took him to hospital. Not his mother, and not me...which in itself concerns me!! And on top of that he says they had to operate! WHAT? Yes, so he was at the hospital being operated on (outpatient) but sill, and no one had my number to call.
OMG. I could have died, and I wanted to take him with me. Apparently there was a cyst or something and it was causing much, much pain which cause the flu-like symptoms which made him pass out.

So after rushing home to make sure all was ok, he was fine in the bed asleep and drugged up!! And not feeling much of anything!!
So needless to say, my day was a bit too eventful for me but all is well and I think he will survive!

Heavens, I need a vacation!


CBM Photo said...

Oh Kamin, I feel your pain...well Cory's pain! I had an ovarion cyst and it hurt so badly that I went to the ER. I showed up at 5pm without a cell phone and left around 3am. Kent, my mother, brother and many friends thought I ran away or was kidnapped. It's always a good idea to call the ones you love to tell them you feel like you may die!

Love you and miss you!

Kamin said...

haha. oh yes. well at least he wasnt there that long! I would have been freaking out so much more had he not called me back!
Love you too.