Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello all. This was a great weekend. Friday...I did nothing. Shopped for a bit, met Cory and relaxed, fed him dinner and sent him off to work, and I was in the bed by 9:15. Boring? Not in the least, I'll have you know that those nights I can go to bed at 9 are of God. Saturday morning I slept until I woke up, which was like 8:30 (I'm officially getting old) but then I spent the day doing nothing, absolutely nothing and it was great. We watched the game, Cory left for work, I had to continue watching the game in order to preform a recap for my working "soon to be", ate homemade chili with the folks and went to bed early again. What a weekend!! Sunday afternoon we met my sweet friend Sarah to take engagement photographs of Cory and myself. They are going to be so cute. We hiked to the place where Cory proposed! Too sweet. I can't wait to get them back. Ok so enough with the recap.

This morning was a good start to hopefully a great week. Sometimes on my way out in the mornings Ella is at the window at Heidi's, usually waiting for Gran not so much me, but recently she has busy playing with her Friends and not the least bit interested in waving at me from the window. This morning as I pulled through I slowed down as always just to see if she was there. At first she wasn't and started to pull off and then she appeared half naked, with bunny in hand, and sleepy hair going everywhere waving so hard I laughed. She just stood there waving, waving, waving. I of course waved back and she continued to wave! Blowing me kisses in between and smiling so big. She made my day, week even. Precious. I wish I had been early so I could stop and go in, but of course I was running late as always and didn't have the time to stop. But that sweet smiling face was the best way to start my day. I love you Ella.

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Taz + Belly said...

I want to eat her. All of her. EVERY BITE!