Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy, busy weekend!! But then again, when are they not? Right!! It was however a good and restful Sunday so that makes up the rest of it.

Friday night we had our Fall Festival Trunk or Treat at FBC and Cory and I had a car to decorate for! So we got home early on Friday as always and Cory started carving our pumpkin!! I thought a big W would be really cute and he took it one step further and made this!! Pretty cute I must say. But then the outlining suggestion was made! So that the letters would stand out!
I thought it was pretty cute (more without the sharpie marks but oh well) !!

We worked on the house all day on Saturday. Which I of course loved and Cory dreaded. But it was a good day. We celebrated his mothers birthday with pizza and a German Chocolate cake that made Friday night after the festival! (forgot to take a picture of that) The house is coming along so well. We finished sanding the walls in the living room and now just have to clean it all up and we will be ready for painting in there. Then we are off to the spare bedroom for more sanding! Slowly but surely we are moving right along. Its a fun process seeing it all come together and actually being the ones who get to make all the decisions!! We are all grown up. and loving every minute of it.

I am still working on Baker Farm photographs hopefully those will be ready to post about soon. We can pray I suppose! I'm booked everyday this week for work shoots so I will have to squeeze in some time at nights for editing and posting!

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